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Enjoy Learning Bharatnatyam

We offer different group and private lessons for dance students of various age groups.  Class sizes are small varying from 4 to 8 students depending on level.  There are 10 levels of curriculum before students can prepare for Arangetram.  


Beginners (Age 4 - 10)

Beginner to Level 2

Namashkaram, warm-up exercises, Adavus, Mudras and learn basic terminology.  


Intermediate (Age 8-16)



Level 3 to Level 8

Short dance piece, advanced Adavus with focus on 3 speeds, Pushpanjali 


Advanced (Age 12-18)

Level 9 to Level 10, Continuing Adavu practice, Abhinaya and Dance Performances to prepare for Arangetram (Allaripu, Padam, Varnam, Jatiswaram, Natnam Adinar and Tillana)


Adults (18 and above)


Curriculum designed per individual skills and goals

Private Lessons also available

We can schedule an appointment for a FREE trial class after which we will advice appropriate group level and class timings that will work for you for placing you in a group class.  We might recommend a few private sessions for certain students to expedite the learning process.   

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