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One of the joys of dancing is sharing the experience with an audience.  Classical and folk dances of India are treasures that are worth maintaining and making available to people everywhere.  Nritya Natyam makes a point of presenting several performance each year during our Annual Bharatnatyam Recitals, for the enjoyment of audiences and for the benefit of dancers.  Our Annual Bharatnatyam performances aim to bring out the spiritual aspect of the art, and to be uplifting for the dancer and the audience.  This dance form has a background as a ceremonial offering in temples.  We want to preserve this intention, by presenting it on stage.   Bharatnatyam is, of course, entertaining, but we don't want the experience to stop there.  This art form has the potential to take the dancer to higher level of experience, and that's our purpose.

Photo Credits - Anupama Desai

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